ACTION PAINTING N°1 – Thierry Bruet 2016

Born in Paris in 1949, Thierry Bruet is a painter for over 35 years. Thierry’s paintings are made with a consciously classical touch and executed with traditional oil technique. His artworks are witty, satirical and replete with carefully observed details. One side of him tends towards caricature and the grotesque, the other towards elegance and refinement. His pungent and satirical work requires respite, radical overview and deep observation, while he creates a dialogue between the past and modernity. His references and inspiration drawn from the work of the Old Masters throughout Art History, are to be apprehended as a tribute filled with empathy. The paintings of Thierry Bruet, depicting a natural yet scrutinized anachronism, create a non-linear reading process. With exalted virtuoso he creates large worldly portraits or monumental decorative pieces, very sought after by collectors and designer all over the world.
acrylic paint on canvas
130 cm H  x 162 cm L

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