MADAME BICHON – Thierry Bruet


Oil on canvas
116 H  x 89 L cm

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  1. Dear Thierry,
    It was so wonderful to meet you yesterday! (My friend and I met you when you first opened). I have been studying your art work. It is astounding, very creative and well done. Your command of composition, control over warm and cool and your master draftsmanship is very evident. I love your color choices, and the paintings you did of different colors was delicious!
    They are not just well done, they are commentaries on society, which I would like to have a nice, long, lovely talk to you about.
    It was discomforting to see the aging manipulative women with the younger men. I do not however hold myself amongst them. I am rather an aging Mary Poppins, with lots of magic still in my brain, and full of love and happiness! Oh, I can ride on my broom for sure, but not often. Here is a link to my teacher. He is known as the Rembrandt of our time.
    I hope we can correspond with one another. If you come to Santa Fe, I would be happy to show you around. It is the 2d largest art market in the US.
    Yours affectionately,

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